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Professional Cassette Tape to CD transfer
Preserve your valuable cassette recordings on CDs.

• Express Service • Affordable Price • Superb tape conversions to CD •

Using state-of-the-art professional transfer technology, your recordings will be digitally filtered to remove noise and enhance audio quality.

Don't delay!
Cassette tapes typically last 10 years, after which the acetate degrades rapidly and audio quality depreciates even if it just sits on your shelf! Eventually tapes are ruined unless you preserve your tapes by copying to CD, as early as possible.

Fixed Price of £9.95 per CD
One tape per CD. Note that 1 CD
holds 80 minutes of audio. Please add the cost of return
postage to the total. You can Call us us for guidance.

*Printed labels are included on the first created CD - each
additional copy costs £2, but won't include a printed label.

copy tapes to cd
copy tapes to cd
copy tapes to cd
tapes to cd
Call 07905 843691 for an estimate and then pay with cheque or postal order when sending your tapes. Please make payable to "Green Valley Computers". You can also use Paypal, once your tapes have all been copied to cd and are ready to be returned. The address is Gatwick Media, The Pantiles, Margery Lane, Lower Kingswood, Surrey, KT20 7BG.
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copy tapes to cd

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